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There are currently 10 names in this directory beginning with the letter T.
Tank Car
A tank car is used to ship compressed or liquid commodities.

Tare Weight
The weight of a container and the material used for packing. As applied to a car/trailer, the weight of the car/trailer exclusive of its contents

A legal listing of rates used when moving regulated traffic by rail.

TOFC (trailer on flat car)
A rail trailer or container mounted on a chassis that is transported on a rail car. Also known as piggyback.

A rectangular shaped box with permanent wheels attached for the transport of goods on rail, highway or a combination of both. A unit that has its own rear wheels, and therefore cannot be stacked on one another.

The time that a unit is on the railroad. Transit starts from the ingate load at origin and goes until the notify at destination. Transit calculates the amount of time a railroad was in possession of a unit and how long it took to ship that unit from point A to point B.

To physically transfer product from one transportation vehicle to another.

Transportation Broker
A non-asset based company that sells & manages freight transportation services on behalf of their clients. Transportation brokers typically arrange and manage, on behalf of their clients, the entire transportation process of a freight shipment. Their service includes finding a qualified carrier (with the proper insurance and operating authorities) who can move the freight in a timely manner, negotiating a good rate and then managing the entire process from pickup to delivery.

Full truckloads, also known as FTL or sometimes TL, utilizing van or flatbed trailers, depending upon shipment configuration.

Truckload Carrier
The trucking company that dedicates trailers to a single shipper's cargo.