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That which constitutes a load. The freight in or on a rail car, container or trailer.

The process of moving a container or trailer to and/or from a rail car.

Limited Liability
The term given to indicate the total financial liability is limited to a fixed amount. Within intermodal, limited liability is used to describe the liability given to certain commodities that would be less than standard coverage.

Live Load
When a drayman stays with a container or trailer while being loaded or unloaded.

lnterline Freight
Freight moving from point of origin to destination over two or more transportation lines.

Transport of freight by two or modes of transportation. Examples are: ship-rail, rail-truck.

Load Shift
The term when the contents of a container or trailer are shifted inside the unit sometime after it leaves the actual origin and before it arrives at the final destination.

A person hired to help unload a container or trailer instead of using the driver.