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Standard Carrier Alpha Code, used for identifying truckers, railroads and other conveyors.

A device for fastening or locking the doors of a rail car, container or trailer. This is done for security and integrity of the shipment.

The person or company who is usually the supplier or owner of commodities shipped.

Stack Car
An intermodal flatcar that was specifically designed to place one container on top of another for better utilization and economics. Also referred to as a well car because the cars are depressed in the center to allow clearance of the double stacked containers when moving under low-lying structures.

STCC (Standard Transportation Commodity Codes)
The STCC system is a 7-digit coding structure designed to classify all commodities or articles which move or may move in freight transportation.

Steel Wheel Interchange
Containers or trailers that are interchanged between two railroads while on the railroad flatcar.

Storage Charge
A charge assigned to the shipper or consignee for holding containers or trailers at an intermodal terminal beyond the free time allotted to them.

Street Interchange
A street interchange transfers financial responsibility of a unit from one IMC to another on a date and time that is specified by the drayage firm in control of that container or by an IMC that has financial responsibility for that particular container.

Street Time
The time a container or trailer is away from the possession of the railroad.

The process of removing cargo from a container.

The process of loading cargo into a container.

System Equipment
Equipment owned or leased by a railroad. Each railroad considers their own equipment as system equipment.