We are where you are…

We operate in strategic west coast ports and have the ability to flex capacity in multiple ports and regions in the US.

Service Area


Oakland is where our reputation was born. We’ve had our headquarters here, at one of the largest ports in the United States, for more than 30 years. We’re now the largest drayage company in the Port.

  • Location, location, location
  • 16 acres
  • 110 dock doors
  • 500 Locations for equipment
  • Proprietary chassis available on demand
  • Additional off-site equipment storage yard within overweight corridor
  • Electric truck infrastructure
  • Corporate headquarters in the Port of Oakland Building


GSC National has dedicated fleets for the Seattle and Tacoma terminals as well as a group stationed in between to flex with the volume no matter which port your vessel lines call on.

  • Less than 1 mile from Seattle Port terminals

  • Secure space 1 mile from Tacoma terminals

  • Secure storage space in Sumner

  • Proprietary super chassis available on demand

  • PNW Headquarters at the Port of Tacoma

GSC National

Using extra carriers to handle additional ports or lanes of traffic adds complexity to an already complicated supply chain strategy. Using GSC National to flex capacity in multiple ports and regions simplifies everything by keeping visibility of your entire network in one place.

  • Project or program based capacity

  • Built in overflow capacity for all GSC National clients

  • Value added services for GSC National clients

  • Over-the-road

  • Refrigerated

  • Hazmat

  • Specialized equipment and carriers

The re:PORT