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Rail User Number
An ID number given to an IMC by REZ-1. An IMC will use this number when they make reservations to prove that they are a valid member of the EMP reservation program.

Slang word for an intermodal terminal. Ramps were originally structured, permanent or temporary, from which trailers or machinery are driven onto or off of a railroad flatcar.

A movement of lading from the intermodal ramp closest to the customer to the receivers from door (dock).

A movement of lading from the intermodal ramp closest to the customer to the closest intermodal ramp to the receiver.

Any change made in a consignment after the arrival of goods at their billed destination. When the change is accomplished under conditions which make it subject to the reconsignment rules and charges of the carrier.

A shipment generated by the railroad for repositioning empty units from one location, to another location in which they can be better utilized or to a location that is deficient.

Reservation Ramp
A term used by REZ-1 to describe a railroad terminal, where an empty unit is picked up with a valid booking/reservation number.

Restricted Commodity
Commodities allowed to ship under specific guidelines. These same items would be considered prohibited if not shipped within specifications. Typically, restricted commodities have a limited liability. An example would include steel.

Revenue Empty
Movement of an empty container or trailer that generates revenue for the railroad. Done for repositioning purposes.

An independent agent that handles all reservations and billing functions for EMP customers with a centralized system to manage assets through the internet. REZ-1 also handles UP trailer reservations for selected points.

Rubber Wheel Interchange
Containers or trailers that are interchanged between two railroads by means of drayage.