Leaders by nature

With GSC, you’re partnering with over 1,000 years of combined logistics experience, and that’s just across our management team. We’ve seen this industry evolve and we’re plugged into where it’s going in the future.

GSC is Changing!

After experiencing exponential growth over the past few years, we have recently restructured in a way that will allow for maximum scale, proficiency and compliance across the core services and solutions we offer. Newly incorporated GSC Enterprises, Inc. now stands at the head of the GSC Family of Companies, to drive the next phase of our growth, innovation, and continuous elevation of the standard of service we offer all of our clients. Our new organization ensures we will continue Delivering Certainty as our company grows.


Introducing The GSC Family of Companies:

GSC National Transportation, Inc.

GSC National continues our industry-leading specialization in drayage and chassis provision, exerting local power with strong carrier partnerships at the Port of Oakland, and our own fleet in Seattle, Tacoma and beyond.

GSC Logistics, Inc.

GSC Logistics, as we’ve referred to the company since 1988, retains our specialty distribution services: transloading, crossdocking, deconsolidation, warehousing, chassis and yard management.

GSC Solutions, Inc.

GSC Solutions provides the shared services necessary to power the entire GSC Family of Companies, from sales and marketing to HR and IT. GSC Solutions will bring unmatched supply chain visibility to our clients with IT innovation and platforms.

With us, you’ll know that it’s taken care of.

From our port proximity to technological systems to the people we hire – we don’t cut corners. Every process and person is tested and proven to provide consistent and predictable results.

Transparency, Honesty and Trust

We’re obsessed with tracking every minute and mile, and we provide that visibility to you.


Everywhere we can optimize systems to deliver exceptional results, we do. Innovation never stops.

Port Proximity

The location of our yards and offices are unrivaled in the Ports of Oakland, Tacoma, and Seattle.

Proactive Communication

Detailed daily reports keep you proactively informed at every turn.

Dedicated Management

For clients with advanced needs, we create dedicated teams & resources to manage the ebb and flow of goods.

Scalability through Data & Systems

We are able to easily scale to meet your growth & highest demand seasons.

Leaders of Our Industry

GSC Enterprises is a proud member of:



Northwest Seaport Alliance



Northwest Seaport Alliance