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There are currently 11 names in this directory beginning with the letter P.
Packing List
A detailed specification as to goods packed into a container or trailer.

Per Diem
Charge based on a fixed rate per day, which a carrier makes against another carrier or customer for use of its containers or trailers.

Pickup Number
A secure number provided to parties listed on the waybill. It allows only those parties to receive a container in order to outgate from our ramp facilities.

Transportation of a highway trailer on a railroad flatcar.

A railroad term for trailers loaded on flatcars.

A sign affixed to a rail car or truck, which indicates the hazardous designation of the product being transported in that vehicle.

Plain Gondola
A unit design to ship heavy bulk commodities.

An assigned group of containers, trailers or cars used to satisfy the transportation requirements of a customer.

Port Authority
A state or local government that owns, operates or otherwise provides wharf, dock and other terminal investments at ports.

Private Equipment
Equipment owned by a person or a company that is not engaged in the service of common carriage.

Prohibited Commodity
Commodities that are entirely not allowed to be loaded and shipped.