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A rubber-tired trailer under-frame on which a container is mounted for street or highway transport.

Class I Railroad
Railroad with operating revenues of more than $259.4 million annually.

COFC (container on flatcar)
The movement of a container on a railroad flatcar. This movement is made without the container being mounted on a chassis.

The article that is being shipped.

Common Carrier
A transportation line engaged in the business of handling persons or goods for compensation and for all persons impartially.

The individual or organization to which freight is shipped.

The individual or organization shipping freight to a consignee.

A receptacle that resembles a truck trailer without wheel (chassis) that is lifted onto flatcars. Containers are designed for all modes of intermodal transport. Most containers are 20-, 45-, 48- or 53-feet in length.

Container Freight Station (CFS)
The location designated by carriers for the receiving of cargo to be loaded into containers by the carrier or the bonded location designated by carriers for devanning of containerized cargo.

Container Yard
A railroad or privately owned yard used for the storage of containers when not in use.

Covered Hoppers
Designed to handle shipments of free flowing dry bulk commodities.

Crossover Charge
Crossover charges occur when a unit is taken from one ramp and returned to a different railroad in the same, or a different metro area. In specific cities, the railroads may impose crossover charges.

Cut-Off Time
The time a container or trailer must be ingated at the terminal to meet a scheduled train loading for departure.