West Coast Freight Hauler Goes the Extra Mile for Its Owner Partners, Sub-Haul Carriers

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Almost 70% of freight movement in the United States is by truck. With nearly $700 billion worth of goods transported each year, the trucking industry is the bedrock of a thriving economy. Central to its delivery are the drivers who serve as a vital link between producers and consumers relying on the consistent flow of goods for everyday life.

However, the life of a trucker isn’t always easy. Many are hard-working entrepreneurs who have overcome incredible adversity to get behind the wheel and become a business owner. They are often subject to inconsistent schedules, ever-changing routes, irregular and delayed pay, slow seasons, and long periods away from home. In addition, many don’t get paid for time waiting in line or are expected to move chassis or do yard hostling with little to no compensation for their efforts.

GSC Logistics (GSC) is one of the fastest-growing freight haulers in the Pacific Northwest. The company, which handles 16 percent of imports through the Port of Oakland, California partners with some of the largest retailers, manufacturers, and distributors in the world. GSC is built for longevity with a business model that focuses both on client satisfaction and service to its drivers who are considered the lifeblood of the company. With a fleet of 250 owner partners and sub haul carriers, GSC understands the unique challenges truckers face and is committed to giving each driver the attention, resources, and respect they deserve.

The company’s motto, “Delivering Certainty,” is embedded in its DNA and impacts every facet of the business including the drivers they partner with. Consistent work, top pay, dedicated dispatchers, lightning-fast response time, convenient apps, and scheduling are just a few of the perks their truckers enjoy.


GSC Owner, Subhauler Case Study

Mandeep Nijjar, Owner, El Elions Trans Inc

Mandeep Nijjar is an owner of El Elions Trans who has partnered with at GSC for many years. In 2005, at the age of 21, he emigrated from India to the United States and got his first job working at a 7-Eleven. The pay was minimal, and he longed for more freedom and opportunity. Soon thereafter, he was introduced to the trucking industry by a friend and drove for various companies over the next nine years.

Life on the road had its ups and downs. Mandeep would wake up between 1:30 and 2:00 in the morning every day not knowing when he would be back to his wife and children. The companies he worked for pushed him hard and rarely took the time to listen to his concerns. He could be sent anywhere at any time, routes fluctuated, and the physical and mental stress were taking their toll.

Mandeep decided it was time for a change. He heard from other drivers that GSC treated truckers fairly, paid well, and helped them grow their business. In 2015, he partnered with GSC and has never looked back. “They always go the extra mile. You won’t find any other freight company that will listen to you and help you overcome any challenge,” said Mandeep. “It’s a true privilege working with this company. I don’t have enough words to thank them. The leadership will meet with you face-to-face and want to hear what you have to say.”

Mandeep also appreciates that GSC pays for wait time, flips, and dry runs. Dispatchers, which provide a one-minute response time to all inquiries, work to make life easier for all drivers. With a 91 percent drop and hook rate and time-saving one-stops, it’s easy to work with GSC. Quicker turnaround time means less waste and maximum returns.

Drivers can only work so many hours a day and it’s essential to take advantage of every minute. GSC builds custom programs for its clients based around volume, which in turn provides consistency and scheduling stability for its drivers. Mandeep is always busy, even if it’s a slow season, and knows his schedule the day before. “GSC has played an important role in helping me achieve my goals of buying a house and a second truck,” he said. “I never could have imagined that five years ago.”

Mandeep loves gardening, hiking, and spending time with his family. He is also an assistant pastor at his church and spends two months a year doing mission work. “If my son is graduating or I need to take some time off, I have the freedom to do that without any pressure. It’s a true partnership—business to business—which means I have control over what I do.” His plan is to grow his company to ten or more trucks with drivers that work for him, and he feels that GSC has played a huge role in his success.

Sam Ayler, Owner, Popo Express, LLC

GSC sits at the intersection of the lives of many drivers; Sam Ayler is another of those. An Atlanta, Georgia native who resides in Dublin, California, Sam has been trucking since 1996 and always dreamed of being more than a company driver. He wanted to have his own rig and be an owner to his business, and in 2015, he joined the ranks.

“They are good people and welcomed me into the family. You’re paid well and on time, the benefits are great, and they respect everyone,” he explained. “The management team at GSC really tries to help with any issues. This makes it better for us because they understand how important we are to the company.”

In the past, Sam was frustrated with freight companies who charged lots of fees, had rude dispatchers, forced dispatch, and unreasonable expectations for his time and efforts. “GSC is different. They make you feel right at home and take care of their drivers,” he explained. “When I needed a better truck, the Fleet Manager at GSC helped me achieve that. That went straight to my heart because I knew he wanted me to be successful.”

Sam appreciates the company’s focus on technology to make life easier, such as their easy-to-use mobile GPS app, direct deposit, access to help via text or email at any time, and an after-hours emergency number. He loves spending time with his family and can work during the day and be at home every night. Sam said, “GSC is the best company I’ve ever worked with.”

Supporting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Small businesses are the backbone of the country and GSC takes great pride in going above and beyond for its owner partners. Each trucker is a brave and bold entrepreneur and GSC is dedicated to helping them create a sustainable business with year-round work and serving their needs so they can grow together. Although it’s atypical in the industry, GSC pays its drivers for all movements, whether it’s inside or outside the terminal. Pre-dispatch distributes schedules the night before, which alleviates any stress about the next day.

Happy truckers translate into happy customers. Dedicated drivers develop a rapport with customers and understand how their yard operates. This ensures that each and every client is delighted with the results they experience for their business.

Setting a High Bar

Since its inception in 1988, GSC has supported the American dream and fought for the rights and benefits of all people. As a company, they champion the needs of everyone they work with, treating each person with dignity and compassion. The high bar they have set—from trucking and port operations to political and environmental topics—have made them one of the most sought after freight companies in the industry.

Owner Challenges

  • Inconsistent work, irregular schedules
  • Unreasonable expectations, not paid for all movements
  • Lack of respect, struggling to be “heard”
  • Stress about tomorrow, difficult to sustain

Value Created for Drivers

  • Supportive partnership helps owners grow their business
  • Freedom, flexible schedule, more family time
  • Great income, fair dispatch, fast response time
  • Consistent, reliable work reduces stress

Headquartered in Oakland, California, GSC Logistics is a leading provider of high-volume, full-service shipping programs including ocean and intermodal drayage, domestic and import/export cross-dock deconsolidation, overweight transportation, D.C. bypass programs, brokerage, and refrigerated and dry truckload services. Understanding the challenges commercial organizations face in resources, capacity, and scalability, GSC Logistics guides its clients through the complexities of supply chain and freight management logistics, helping them transform the way they do business.

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