Zero Tolerance leads to China Lockdown, Supply Chain Chaos

GSC Logistics ∕ April

Freight throughput is on hold due to a recent outbreak of Covid-19 in one of the largest port cities in the world, Shanghai China. As a result of a recent zero-COVID policy, millions of people have been affected by lockdowns. The lockdowns have caused the city to be severely impacted causing logistics issues, production disruptions, and causing backups in the supply chain. 

“Even with air and ocean ports open, the length of the shutdown could make this iteration the most significant logistics disruption since the start of the pandemic,” comments Freightos, a shipping company, to their clients. 

Without a doubt, assuming the strict Zero-Covid regulation in China continues, the impact will have a far-reaching effect. With no sign of relief for operations and exponentially increasing pressure, there is an enormous amount of concern from stakeholders around the world.  

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