Spike in Drayage Companies Complicate the Market, Driver Pool Capacity

GSC Logistics ∕ January
Over the last year there has been a significant increase in the number of drayage companies in the market; but this isn’t creating more capacity. On the contrary, the increase is stemming from more independent drayage carriers formed by drivers leaving larger carriers to form their own companies and chase high spot market rates. This is leading to longer turn times and added complexity in getting freight out of the ports. 

In Savannah and Charleston spot rates have reached all-time highs this last fall and reflected more than 2x the rate that truckers were being paid in the contract market.  As drivers operate as owner-operators and being their own business owners, they are free to do as they please. 

The shift of drivers between large and small carriers is a common occurrence in the truckload market. As rates go up, drivers will leave the large companies, begin to operate under their own authority, then make money hauling the more profitable freight via the spot market. When rates fall, drivers will revert to the safety of the large trucking companies with a steadier clientele and reliable business. 

As the season dies down due to the upcoming Chinese New Year, the market should prepare for what lies ahead. 

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