What We Do

We specialize in high-volume, full service shipping programs, built custom to fit your needs.

Dedicated Team

Our entire philosophy is about building a team around your program. Dedicated fleet, dedicated dispatch and dedicated account management.

Transparency and trust through Communication

There is no substitute for proactive, personal communication. Making sure your GSC team is the eyes and ears on the ground and always available when you need them is the foundation of building trust. Our scheduled, on demand and automated daily reporting to go along with our EDI and API connectivity make sure our systems are communicating even when you cannot.

Scaling made easy

When your volumes increase it shouldn’t take more resources on your end to track it all. Our teams and our fleet are built to scale with your volumes so you don’t have to.

Service Area


Don’t let changing conditions on the road or in the ports cause headaches in your supply chain. Using our proximity and capacity within the Port of Oakland will give you the power and flexibility to maintain certainty at all times.

Oakland is where our reputation was born. As one of the largest ports in the United States we’ve had our headquarters here for 30 years. We’re now the largest trucking company in the port.

  • Location, location, location
  • 16 Acres
  • 110 Dock Doors
  • 500 Locations for Equipment
  • Proprietary Chassis’ available on demand
  • Additional off-site equipment storage yard within overweight corridor
  • Electric Truck Infrastructure
  • Corporate Headquarters in the Port of Oakland Building


Operating out of one port is hard enough, but operating out of two in the same geographical area is more than twice as hard. Picking Seattle or Tacoma may help your carrier but probably doesn’t do anything for your bottom line. GSC Logistics has dedicated fleets for the Seattle and Tacoma terminals as well as a group stationed in between to flex with the volume no matter which port your vessel lines call on.

  • Less than 1 mile from Seattle Port Terminals
  • Secure Space 1 mile from Tacoma Terminals
  • Secure Storage Space in Sumner
  • Proprietary Super Chassis’ available on demand
  • PNW Headquarters at the Port of Tacoma

GSC National

Using extra carriers to handle additional ports or lanes of traffic adds complexity to an already complicated supply chain strategy. Using GSC National to flex capacity in multiple ports and regions simplifies everything by keeping visibility of your entire network in one place.

  • Project or program based capacity
  • Built in Overflow capacity for all GSC Logistics clients
  • Value added services for GSC Logistics clients
  • Over-the-road
  • Refrigerated
  • Hazmat
  • Specialized Equipment and carriers


We pride ourselves in reducing waste and down-time as much as possible and can change a driver’s course on a dime.

Our goal is for you to feel like you’re our only client. We build dedicated programs, management, and fleets for each unique high-volume situation. 

  • Dedicated Fleet Programs in Oakland, Seattle and Tacoma
  • Dedicated Dispatch Program
  • Dedicated Analyst Program
  • Ocean Container Availability Tracking
  • Custom Chassis Programs
  • Ocean/Rail Land Bridge Programs
  • Specialized Equipment Programs for Heavy Containers
  • Refrigerated Container Service
  • Hazardous Materials Licensed Carrier
  • U.S. Customs Bonded Carrier
  • California Air Resources Bond (CARB) Compliant Truck Fleet
  • Washington State Clean Air Compliant Fleet

Deconsolidation & Transload

If freight is sitting, it’s costing money. We keep things moving. We started as a warehouse & distribution company and we have changed with the times. 

  • C-TPAT Compliant/Certified
  • Customs Bonded Facility
  • Warehouse Located Oakland Overweight Corridor
  • Location, Location, Location… Less than 1 mile from all Port of Oakland Terminals
  • EDI Connectivity for Live Updated Information
  • Container Status Visibility (Yard Management System)
  • Inventory Status Visibility (Warehouse Management System)
  • Ocean Container Availability Tracking and Updates
  • World-class Throughput
  • Productivity Tracking and Measurement
  • Overweight Programs
  • DC Bypass Programs

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Let’s talk about how we can benefit your bottom line with superior services on the west coast.