Limited Resources and Government Mandates create Fuel Chaos

GSC Logistics ∕ June

A recent study by Philip Verleger Jr., an economic analyst, presents the potential causes of the increasing fuel costs across the nation’s supply chain. His findings factor in multiple variables, including limitations on key resources, increased demand, political sanctions, as well as the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) enactment of 2020 that limits the kinds of fuels steamships can use.  


“The fluctuation in the price of fuel has a big impact on the shipping and shipping logistics industries,” Ross Harris, CEO at A3 Freight Payment, a third-party freight bill payment company, said recently. “As costs continue to rise, carriers are having to take losses or raise their shipping prices.”  


 As market factors continue to fluctuate, the diesel and gasoline prices will likely continue to increase this year, until more and potentially cheaper crude oil is available. 


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