CNBC Heat Map: Over view of U.S. Port Bottlenecks

GSC Logistics ∕ June

In the United States, many ports are experiencing congestion issues ranging from increasing volumes to a buildup of vessels. CNBC’s heatmap registers Oakland, CA, Houston, Texas, and Savannah, GA as ports with increasing congestion. Other factors contributing to the issues are China’s COVID shutdowns, negotiations between ILWU and PMA, and equipment shortages. 

Here are some updates for each market: 

Oakland, CA 

In Oakland, Alliance’s PS4, a transpacific route, service is expected to return in July. 

Houston, TX 

In Houston, a channel expansion with a budget of $30 million will be used to improve infrastructure and terminal operations. 

Savannah, GA 

Alex Charvalias, of the Marine Traffic, tells American Shipper, “On the U.S. side, Savannah is seeing its worst days, with an average waiting time of eight days before berthing. No signs of relief there, as well, with four times the TEU capacity waiting outside the port compared to the total TEU capacity the port is able to serve at any point of time.” 


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