Transloading and the Power of Proximity

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Transloading and the Power of Proximity

Theresa Neff: Hi, it’s Theresa Neff with GSC Logistics and I’m here today with Marqus Coleman, our Vice President of Transload Operations, how are you today, Marqus?

Marqus Coleman:  Hi Theresa, thank you for having me.

Theresa Neff: Thanks for being here. I appreciate you coming and talking to me today. Marqus runs our transload operations over at 512 and Marqus, I wanted to ask you why is transloading so important to  clients?

Marqus Coleman:  Transloading is important for a couple of different reasons. One, the velocity of the freight and how it moves really. Getting freight quickly into market is what’s important for a lot of customers. In addition to when you look at the reduction of brick and mortar with the increase in e commerce, you’re starting to see more customers using the transload facilities as kind of a distribution center to their fulfillment centers. And so it’s greatly impacting their ability to pivot freight on the water, pivot freight at the trans load and they can service whatever markets that their customer bases in from anywhere within the country.

Theresa Neff: Wow, why is it important then I know there’s trans loading facilities all over, but why is it important that you have that proximity to the port?

Marqus Coleman:  Well, you’ve got a lot of different touchpoints. So when you look at drayage providers, you look at drayage cost that’s the initial impact. Right? The closer we are to support not only the faster to do the drivers get it to the facility but also it impacts really the economics of the start of the process. In addition to, it gives the containers of ability if you want to do some type of dual transaction because your ability as a customer to offer export business. Because now, right, you’re so close in proximity to the ports, even when you talk about the rail system and things of that nature. So it gives you a lot of different advantages by being in the port ecosystem.

Theresa Neff:  Wow, I didn’t even think of all that. I appreciate your time today and I’m sure there’s a lot more we can delve into on this topic. So I look forward to having you back to talk with me more.

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