Store Door Delivery and It’s Perceived Benefits

GSC Logistics ∕ July

Bundling your supply chain costs can be perceived as the easier way to manage your operations. In this video, David Rainwater and Joseph Zepko elaborate on key elements to consider, such as complications BCOs may experience when dealing with equipment and storage shortages. Consequently, sourcing a single dray provider may alleviate some pain points, streamline costs, and mitigate supply chain risks.

David Rainwater: Hey everyone, David Rainwater and Joe Zepko with GSC Logistics. Joe, last time we spoke, we talked about the benefits of having a direct relationship with the dray provider. Thought today we’d talk about some of the perceived benefits of bundling that and having a carrier deliver your product to door. Can you speak a little bit about that?

Joe Zepko: Yes, David, it’s an interesting subject. You know, customer could bundle the product, get the ocean contract, got the drayage rates, probably the chassis some free time, and boom. You’re done right? Not quite so in this chaotic world after COVID-19. Where are the chassis? Where are the containers? Well, first of all, they gotta even discharge, right? So, if you have a drayage company that you have selected, that you have nominated and it is working for you, they will be looking into the terminal system. They will probably bring in a chassis to take care of you. They will be doing all these things for you and the customer would have better control rather than leaving it to a ocean carrier, which might be using 5-7 different carriers to tender that freight to. So what do you think?

David Rainwater: I love it and there you have it, folks. So, if control is what you’re looking for, let’s have a conversation.

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