Peak Season: A post-pandemic overview

GSC Logistics ∕ July

David Rainwater: Hey everyone, David Rainwater and Theresa Neff here with GSC logistics. Theresa, how are you today? 

Theresa Neff: I’m great, David, thanks for asking. 

 David Rainwater: Theresa, we’ve got a great one today. I want to talk a little bit about peak season and obviously you and I have been around the industry for quite some time, and you know, we’ve seen peak season come and go every single year. But for some reason, this one is hitting just a little differently. And I was hoping that maybe you could talk about that.  

Theresa Neff: Yeah, David, thank you. Um, you know, With COVID-19 hitting us last year, this peak season is basically stemming from a peak season that has never ended since the summer of last year. Our nation, and our industry has been experiencing unprecedented demand and good, specifically in the retail and electronic sector, add to that congestion that we’ve been experiencing due to Covid on land, which includes an increased number of vessels coming into the ports, port congestion, container shortages, Warehouse capacity reduced by COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines and inland shortage of trucks and driver availability. With those issues never really having ended since last peak, you can expect this peak is going to be quite interesting and different as COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing guidelines start to wind down. I think there’ll be some areas of the supply chain that will start to ease up but, add into that the normal peak we have every year around this time, there’s also going to be new challenges and complications. 

 David Rainwater: Theresa. That is great information. I mean, I really appreciate the way that you broke that down. How about this? Let me check back with you maybe 30 days or so. And let’s see where we are with this uh, this peak season that never ends.  

Theresa Neff:  That sounds great. David love to talk to you further about it as things start to develop. 

David Rainwater: Take Care. 

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