UNPACKING PORT NEWS: The Northwest Seaport Alliance Expands Services

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With supply chain disruptions happening around the globe, there is no better time than before peak season to start planning a port diversification strategy to keep your cargo moving and optimizing efficiencies in your supply chain. This week, the Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) announced its expansion of services in the Seattle and Tacoma Harbors. From the disruptions in the Sea, Panama Canal, to the tragic accident at the Baltimore bridge, to the International Longshoreman Association (ILA) contracts up for renewal for the east and gulf coast workers, this expansion of services couldn’t be more well-timed.  

The funding invested into the operations of the NWSA seaports is designed to bring enhanced operations to handle higher volumes of freight at the NWSA ports. The key areas the funding is allocated to are:  

Voyage Consistency & On-Time Arrival Award Program 
This program incentivizes ocean liners to improve the consistency of service. The program is designed to impact both importers and exporters. For exporters, the increase in service means goods will no longer be sitting waiting to get on a ship, and logistics professionals can plan more efficiently to expedite services. For importers, they’ll see more continuity and efficiency in their supply chain operations, with deliveries arriving on time.  

International Container Rail Cargo Incentive 
The rail cargo incentive will help the intermodal efforts and increase the flow of goods to and from the Seattle and Tacoma ports. 

Gate Operation Incentive
With the gates now operating 5 days a week, BCOs will see an improvement in warehouses and distribution center operations. This increase in gate operations means improved efficiency for supply chain operations with warehouses’ and distribution centers’ labor operations being improved. Additionally, more cargo be imported or exported allows for higher volumes during peak season, and more flexibly to match warehouse and DC operations.  

These investments are a great testament to the viability of the NWSA gateways to improve global supply chain operations. Learn more about how the NWSA is investing funds to improve the Pacific Northwest supply chain operations in the recent announcement Interested in learning how GSC can help improve your supply chain efficiency in the Pacific Northwest Gateway? Check out our services and solutions here.   

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