Meet GSC Carrier Sukhwinder Singh

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In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 10-16, we wanted to show appreciation to GSC’s motor carriers. So we hit the yard and spoke to some of the drivers who work with GSC and are sharing a question-and-answer profile. Throughout September, we will profile four GSC carriers, one each week – follow along! 

This is our second installment in the series. If you’re new here, catch up on part one to learn a bit more about how GSC shows appreciation for our drivers and carriers year-round.  

Learn more about the people who keep America moving. Meet GSC Carrier, Sukhwinder Singh!

Carrier Sukhwinder Singh

How long have you been a truck driver?  

I have been driving semitrucks for 19 years, since 2004. 

How long have you been driving as a motor carrier with GSC? 

Out of the almost 20 years I’ve been a truck driver, 17 of those years I’ve worked with GSC as a motor carrier.  

Favorite part of being a driver?  

Trucking is a huge part of my life, my family even has trucks in India too! Trucking is a great business to be in and balance family life. My favorite part is being my own boss and setting my own schedule… I can even go on vacation whenever I want.  

Favorite part of doing Port Drayage? 

It has all the benefits of trucking, flexibility, etc., yet it’s local work. You get to see your family every day! 

Why do you like being a motor carrier for GSC? 

GSC is a company with good people, they take care of you like it’s a family.   

What is your favorite food?  


Interested in becoming a carrier or driver with GSC? Apply to drive with us in Oakland or in the Pacific Northwest. Follow along our GSC carrier blogging series for more tips about being a truck driver, how to effectively manage your business and more.   

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