Meet GSC Carrier Kulvir Singh

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We’re continuing our celebration of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 10-16, we wanted to show our appreciation to GSC’s carriers. Throughout each week in September, we will profile four carriers throughout the month – follow along! 

This is our third installment in the series. If you’re new here, catch up on part two to learn a bit more about how GSC shows appreciation for our drivers and carriers year-round.

Learn more about the people who keep America moving. Meet GSC Carrier, Kulvir Singh!

Carrier Kulvir Singh

How long have you been a truck driver?  

I have been a truck driver since 2006, just shy of 10 years.  

How long have you been driving with GSC? 

Since 2007 – fun fact, I started on the Fourth of July.  

Favorite part of being a driver?  

The flexibility is unmatched for me. I prioritize family and want a job that has the flexibility I need to be there daily for my family.  

Favorite part of doing Port Drayage? 

Often the work is fast-paced busy work. You don’t have to travel far to deliver loads, and you can return to the port to pick up new loads the same day. The schedule is very flexible, and I can still drop my kids off at school and work—all on my own schedule.  

Why do you like being a carrier for GSC? 

Initially, I started driving with another company. Other friends in the industry worked with GSC and recommended it to me. I started working with GSC in 2007, and the rest is history. GSC is a very respectful company and respects the time of the motor-carriers.  

What is your favorite food?  

I love naan, with any sort of chicken and vegetable mix.  

Interested in becoming a carrier or driver with GSC? Apply to drive with us in Oakland or in the Pacific Northwest. Follow along our GSC carrier blogging series for more tips about being a truck driver, how to effectively manage your business and more.   

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