How One Company Saved $2 Million in Six months with GSC

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Drayage, Demurrage, and Real-Time Reporting Set GSC Apart

GSC Enterprises Saves Client $2 Millions

Who you select for freight logistics matters. At GSC, we have unique insight into how to effectively manage the import and export of cargo, from drayage and demurrage to transloading and our nation-wide brokerage. We operate with efficiency and proactive communication, which allows our clients to save time, headaches, and money.  

One of the world’s foremost beverage alcohol distributors started an initiative to modernize and streamline their shipping infrastructure. Before working with GSC, the company was facing reporting inconsistencies with inbound containers, antiquated shipping systems, and more. 

The team at GSC created a bespoke program to address the alcohol distributor’s unique needs. GSC brought their shipping logistics into the 21st century, with an all-electronic system and not just for billing. GSC’s technology provides a real-time view of where a container is at any moment in time. If the container is delayed anywhere along the transit route, GSC’s technology provides visibility into any logistics changes and updates on next steps. The real-time reporting combined with industry knowledge allowed GSC to quickly pivot and scale the program created for the alcohol distributor at every step of the way.  

During the pandemic, importing in the alcohol business had a dramatic shift with the predictability and normalcy of its seasonality. Cases of alcohol shifted in quantity, size, and delivery method as consumer demand changed. With many fluctuating inputs, GSC’s team was able to proactively build the scalability and agility needed into the alcohol distributor’s logistics program. GSC reduced the previously high-detention rates and demurrage fees by working directly with the alcohol distributor to streamline live unloading of containers.  

“The value GSC provides at every level is phenomenal, and without their support, 2020 would have been very difficult,” said the Senior Warehouse Manager. “They helped us maintain our business amidst the changing status quo, and we are now on par with today’s industry standards and poised for future growth and expansion.” 

With 30+ years of shipping logistics experience, GSC was able to help the distributor identify key pain points to increase efficiency. Between the industry knowledge, operations, and real-time technology insights, GSC was able to save the alcohol distributor $2 million dollars within the first six months of the program.  

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