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Total View delivers certainty through daily reporting. These reports are available on-demand or scheduled, and completely customizable to the client’s preference. In this video, David Rainwater and Theresa Neff offer a high-level overview of GSC’s Total View options. GSC offers clients complete support when needing full visibility to manage their supply chain.

David Rainwater: Hello everyone. David Rainwater here and Theresa Neff with GSC Logistics.  Theresa, I’ve got a great one for you today. A lot of our clients are asking about information, how do they receive information and what type of reports does GSC Logistics have with them? Can you share with us a little bit about what you’re sharing with the clients to?

Theresa Neff: Yeah, David. Thank you. GSC offers our clients a suite of reports which we call total view. So, first of all let me say we are connected live with the port terminals. So we are getting up to date information on container availability. From that, we can give clients a couple different reports we have on site report and an ocean availability report. Both of these reports can be scheduled so the client receives them daily or can be run on demand. If the client wants it more than once a day they need multiple times a day. We can do that too and they’re customizable. So, we usually capture information like the P. O. Number, the order number last free day, delivery day, even chassis number. But if there’s other information that the client is looking for, we have no problem customizing that and giving them the visibility that they need based on the information they’re looking for.

David Rainwater: There you have another example of how GSC is able to service the customers that we have. Theresa, thank you very much, and we look forward to talking to all of our clients and sharing a little bit more about the services they offer.

Theresa Neff: Thanks, David.

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