GSC Driver Recruitment and Retention

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David Rainwater: Hey everyone, David Rainwater here with GSC logistics, Delivering Certainty. I’ve got a special guest for you today, Justin Taylor, the Executive Vice President of GSC. Justin, how are you?

Justin Taylor: Doing great, David, thank you.

David Rainwater: Justin, we’ve got a great topic for you today and I know it’s one that’s near and dear to your heart
because you used to actually head up the driver recruitment department for GSC. So, we’re going to talk a little bit about driver recruitment and retention and how GSC sees that you care to share just a little bit of your thoughts on that?

Justin Taylor: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, obviously that is the core of our, of our business at GSC. So, we have a team that has dedicated year round to recruiting and compliance because a big part of the biggest part of on boarding a driver is actually compliance. There’s a lot that goes into that. So we have a recruiting team and a compliance team that are working hand in hand year round on making sure that we have relationships with the drivers and making sure that they understand the business that we have for them and making sure we understand the business that they’re looking for. Because the one thing we don’t do is go around presenting, uh, loads to drivers that don’t make sense for them in their business. So that’s, that’s a key part of it. And then, obviously the compliance part of it is making it a seamless onboarding experience for the driver. So, when they’re ready, when the work is here and they’re ready that they can easily get onboarded and get to work.

David Rainwater: That is fantastic. Folks, there, you have it. It’s another reason why drivers and GSC have always had a special relationship. This is something that our company embodies. We know the importance in the industry, and we look forward to sharing more about these topics in many more take care.

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