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David Rainwater: Hey Everyone, David Rainwater here with GSC Logistics, Delivering Certainty. Today I have a special guest, Justin Taylor, Executive Vice President. We’re going to continue along that conversation of driver capacity and just some of the elements to it. But today we’re going to focus on something that is, well, it’s near and dear to our heart, it’s Delivering Certainty, But Justin, this is not only, it doesn’t only apply to our customers, it applies also to our drivers, and I thought maybe you’d speak on that point for just a little bit.  

Justin Taylor: Absolutely. I mean delivering certainty, it really starts with our employees, and it starts with our carrier partners, our drivers because if you have, if you’re, if we’re delivering certainty to our employees and and we’re delivering certainty to our drivers, they are going to deliver certainty to our clients. So, where the drivers are concerned, where the carriers are concerned, one of the things I’ve always said, and you know, as the foundation of our relationship is that if we are giving you consistent work, if we’re paying you a competitive wage, if we’re paying you accurately and on time every time and we treat you with respect everything else kind of takes care of itself and in the process, they take care of our clients. On the back end, we’re providing information, but on the front end they are the face of our company. They’re interfacing with the people at the client locations. They are the ones who are showing up on time. They’re the ones that are out there in line out at the terminals all day, every day, waiting to get those loads out. So, if we can accomplish those four Things, 5 things here internally, then they will take care of us. They will take care of our clients, that’s the entire, that’s the entire business. That’s Delivering Certainty. And then, from a dispatch perspective, we want to make sure that we’re making it super easy for them to get their dispatches. Our dispatchers are responding in under a minute to every single driver inquiry. These are things that just create a bond between us and the carrier- that ultimately is what results in delivering certainty for the client. 

David Rainwater: That is fantastic folks, there you have it, just another reason why the driver and the relationships with GSC Logistics is one of the best in the industry. Take care. 

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