Driver Capacity and it’s Impact on the Supply Chain

GSC Logistics ∕ September

David Rainwater: Hey Everyone, David Rainwater with GSC Logistics and Justin Taylor. Justin, we’re continuing a conversation that we’ve had around driver capacity, the impact that it’s had on the industry and I wanted to hear your take on that right now. 

Justin Taylor: Well, it really doesn’t matter what part of the supply chain you’re involved with right now, capacity is a problem, right? Your capacity on the ship is an issue, capacity at the terminal is an issue and capacity for most trucking companies is probably an issue. There is a nationwide driver shortage and, you know, when you talk about drayage, the business that that we’re in, it’s even more tight because not any driver can just sign up and work with us. I mean, I have always said that GSC, and I mentioned this earlier, we are a niche within the niche. Every driver that works with GSC or any port drayage company has a TWIC card. So that one little piece of an additional layer of compliance right there. It’s just another barrier of entry and it just shortens the pool that much more. And GSC, you know, we, we pride ourselves on knowing more drivers than anybody else. We actually pound pavement, and we go meet these guys and we understand what, what work they are doing and what work they’re interested in. You know, instead of, we don’t just subscribe to a random database that has thousands of drivers without TWIC cards. And we also are basically maintaining a, what I would refer to as basically a CRM for port compliant driver’s where we’re actually maintaining relationships with these guys. Because when the wave hits and our clients need the capacity, we’re Delivering Certainty along with our loads. That’s what we do. 

David Rainwater: Well, there you have it, folks, another way that GSC Logistics demonstrates Delivering Certainty, even as it relates to drivers. 

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