Choosing a Dray Provider through a NVOCC

GSC Logistics ∕ July

NVOs and dray providers are not always in competition. Often times they partner to improve visibility for each client of their cargo throughput. Join GSC’s Director of Business Development, Leanne Andalis, and Inside Sales Manager Theresa Neff as they review a few options to consider when driving final mile efficiencies.

Theresa Neff: Hi, I’m Theresa Neff, Inside Sales Manager at GSC Logistics and I’m here today with Leanne Andalis, Director of Sales and Marketing at GSC. Hi, Leanne, how are you today?

Leanne Andalis:  I’m well Theresa, how are you?

Theresa Neff: I’m great, thank you for asking. So, I wanted to ask you, we both come from an NVO background. We both worked at NVO for many, many years can a B.C.O. or importer choose which drayage provider they want to work with when they’re already working with an NVO in order to gain more control over that part of their supply chain?

Leanne Andalis: Definitely, there are two very distinct ways of doing this, and we totally understand the benefits of working with an NVO because, I agree having visibility from origin to destination is extremely important to BCOs. The first way would be telling your NVO that you want to work directly with GSC Logistics, and I do want to know what we do work very closely with the larger NVOs, which also includes integration with their systems. Secondly, what you can let the NVO know is you are working with GSC directly and all they need to do is send us a delivery orders for the container information, and what we do is create the same type of reporting and information that you would require and need for your final mile delivery,

Theresa Neff: Awesome, that’s two great solution that importers have to gain more control over that final mile and still have all the visibility that an NVOs offer. Thanks for your time today and I appreciate speaking with you.

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