An Event for a Good Cause: The 64th Annual Chowdown!

GSC Logistics ∕ May

GSC attended the 64th annual Chowdown hosted by the Tacoma Propeller Club. The event is a mainstay for anyone involved in the maritime industry in the Pacific Northwest. An estimated 1,000 people were in attendance, among them logistics providers, longshoremen, terminal operators, importers, exporters, freight forwarders and more who all gathered in support of the club’s largest fundraising event of the year. 

What is the Chowdown? The Chowdown is an event that gets its name from the all-you-can-eat seafood supplied by various vendors—salmon, shrimp, oysters, whole cracked crab, octopus, and prawns were the stars of this year’s show. The “chowing down” was followed by an awards ceremony, memorial tribute, and live music. The proceeds from the event go toward the Tacoma Propeller Club Memorial Scholarship Fund to support the next generation of young people interested in pursuing careers in the maritime field.

Supporting local markets goes beyond providing services in the area. GSC was proud to join forces with the Tacoma Propeller Club to support the future maritime shipping and logistics workforce of the Pacific Northwest. At GSC, we believe in contributing to the local community and industry through donations, volunteering, and advocacy. The Tacoma Propeller Club’s mission is to promote and support the maritime industry in the Puget Sound region by educating the public, with an emphasis on local youth education and empowerment. GSC is honored to be a member of the Tacoma Propeller Club and a sponsor of the Chowdown.  

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