5 Ways GSC Goes the Extra Mile for Our Motor Carrier and Owner-Operator Partners

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In the shipping logistics industry, the cornerstone of operations lies in nurturing strong relationships with partners. We have many types of partners, from clients, drivers, and industry partners and more. At GSC, we are committed to building long-lasting connections and cultivating relationships with all partners, including our motor carrier and owner-operator partners. We understand our success is intertwined with each of our partners, and we go the extra mile to ensure that they are well taken care of. We are proud of our reputation as a dependable and trustworthy logistics provider, and we strive to maintain it by prioritizing the well-being and success of our motor carriers and owner-operators. 

Here are just five examples of how GSC goes the extra mile: 

Providing Excellent Customer Service 

Our partners’ success largely depends on our proficiency in providing clear instructions and expectations during dispatching. We have invested heavily in cutting-edge technology and personnel to ensure top-notch communication. Our technology enables real-time shipment tracking that enhances operations efficiency significantly. Our dedicated staff is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, addressing and resolving any challenges our motor carrier might encounter during the dispatch or delivery process. At every step, we strive to ensure that our motor carrier partners experience a seamless collaboration backed by our unparalleled customer service. 

Offering Competitive Rates 

Motor carriers and owner-operators operate in highly competitive environments where every penny counts. We work very closely with them to identify the best rates tailored to their unique requirements and needs, all the while looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of service. With this approach, we offer competitive rates that allow our motor carrier partners to remain profitable. 

Providing Weekly Payment Terms 

Effective cash flow is a critical component in any business operations, and this principle holds for businesses of all sizes, including motor carriers and small owner-operators. That’s why we offer weekly payment terms that allow our motor carrier partners to receive payments quickly. A weekly payment system enhances cash flow predictability, enabling motor carriers to manage their finances better and allocate resources efficiently. Most importantly, our weekly payment structure liberates owner operators from the conventional hurdles of third-party factoring companies, providing quicker access to funds without the encumbrance of prolonged payment processing times. This system mitigates risks associated with cash flow disruptions and shields carriers from the uncertainties of delayed payments. 

Building Long-Lasting Relationships 

Trust is the foundation of any successful partnership. We recognize the value of trust and work hard to earn and maintain the bond with our motor carriers. In our ongoing commitment to building this relationship, we host weekly meet-and-greets at our yard, inviting all our owner operators to join and share their feedback, concerns, or issues with our Carrier Relations Team. This open channel of communication allows us to promptly address any issues, reaffirming our dedication to stand by their side and providing support to tackle challenges together. 

Investing in Our Partners’ Success 

Our commitment to our partners’ success is multifaceted. We provide comprehensive support encompassing financial stability, training, and guidance to enhance their operational efficiency and overall profitability. We also keep our partners well-informed about industry legislation and regulation changes, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate any compliance challenges. Notably, GSC was one of the first logistics companies in Oakland to help pioneer electric vehicle programs for motor carriers to add electric trucks to their fleet. This strategic move highlights our commitment to environmental responsibility and positions our partners at the forefront of industry advancements. 

At GSC, we believe that building long-lasting relationships with our motor carrier and owner-operator partners is the key to our success. We go the extra mile to provide excellent service, competitive rates, flexible payment terms, build long-lasting relationships, and invest in our partners’ success. 

Interested in becoming a motor carrier or driving with GSC? Apply to drive with us in Oakland or in the Pacific Northwest. 

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